#ForOurPeople Information


In April 2020, The Ross County Foundation launched the #ForOurPeople Campaign in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown. The Campaign is designed to support our local people through the challenging situations during this unprecedented period. 


How we can support you: 

  • Meal Provision - through our funding, provided by Foundation Scotland, we can support individuals and families in our local area with meal provision. We are currently working with a range of external partners to identify those most in need however we will accept private referrals. *Subject to location.


  •  Conversation - we have contacted all of our over 65 season ticket holders to ensure their safety and security during this period and their ability to carry on as normal as possible during the social distancing and isolation measures. We are now accepting referrals for people you may feel could benefit from a call. 


  • Mental Health and Coping - Below we have a range of links to key information on coping with mental health during this period as well as key resources for working from home and managing yourself during this period. We also have Learn at Home Workbooks and Skills Workbooks designed for young people in our resources below. 


Contact Us:

Whether its meal provision, conversation or mental health you can contact us to discuss, refer or suggest at any time. All calls and contact are handled with strict confidentiality and we will always endeavor to support our people as much as possible.


Gordon Duff - gordon.duff@rosscountyfootballclub.co.uk  |  07821 592 633



James Support Group | Mental Health Support - CLICK HERE
Mikeysline | Mental Health Support - CLICK HERE
Working From Home | Handy Tips - CLICK HERE
Scottish Government COVID-19 Guidelines - CLICK HERE
Learn from Home Workbook for Kids | CLICK HERE