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25th Anniversary party to take place on Saturday

Saturday 3rd August may be our league opener against Hamilton and our Flag Day after winning last seasons Championship title, but the day has much more sentimental significance for Ross County FC. It’s the eve of 25 years in the Scottish Professional Football League.


On 4th August 1994, Ross County took to the field for their first match in moving from the Highland League in to the Professional divisions of Scotland. Managed, at the time, by Bobby Wilson, it was a period of transition for the Staggies who were going from localised semi-professional football in to the professional structure of the Scottish game. It was with the forward-thinking vision of then Chairman, Hector MacLennan and Secretary, Donnie MacBean, that County were able to take this major step.


Since 1994, the Staggies have had some incredible highs and some difficult lows. Our return to the top table of Scottish Football this August only goes to show how visionary the club were to take the club in to the setup and strive for the success the club has achieved. Since 1994 the club has risen through the divisions and our thanks must be given to the managers and players that have helped the club to the top tier.


On Saturday 3rd August 2019, we will welcome some of the members of the team who took to the field for our first SPFL game in the old “Division 3”. As well as welcoming them for a day of hospitality we will also be taking them on to the pitch at half time in celebration of the success they helped to bring to Ross County FC. We hope you can all join us as we relive the story of our great club and thank those who pioneered this journey to help bring the club to where we are today.


Squad from opening day 1994/95 –

Steve Hutchison, Chris Somerville, Gary Campbell, Robbie Williamson, Sandy MacLeod, Andy MacLeod, Billy Ferries, Brian Grant, Jamie MacPherson, Billy Herd, Barry Wilson, Cammy Robertson, Gordon Connelly, Don MacMillan, Alan Duff, Craig Reid, Willie Furphy, David MacKay, Russell McFee, Ian McFadyen, John Bellshaw.

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