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WITH the new season just around the corner, we are doing everything possible to try and get you back into the Global Energy Stadium. Until then, we are doing our best to bring Ross County FC to you.


Next week, Season Ticket holders will receive their individual Pass to RCFCTV with login details which provide access to live match day broadcasts from Dingwall. The Club are endeavouring to make the RCFCTV process as easy as possible to access and use, however a technical support team will be in place on match days and during the week, to help with any enquiries. Details on how to contact the team will be included with your login details.


As this is a new way to watch the Staggies, here are the answers to some of the key questions you may have.


We will continue to communicate information regarding the Virtual aspect of Season Tickets across the club’s various channels over the next week, so please take a moment to familiarise yourself with how it will operate in order to give you a smooth matchday experience.




Q. What games will I be able to watch with my Season Ticket?
Season Ticket holders will be able to watch all home matches including our pre-match show being led by Rory Hamilton, Jamie Lyall and Stephen Craigan as well as some familiar faces.


Q. How will I access the Live Broadcast on a matchday?
Ahead of the season starting you will receive a username and password via email or letter from the club depending on the contact information we have for you. At this time, we will also provide you with a weblink to access the Live Broadcast. To update any information on your account please contact our club directly on 01349 860860 during office hours.


Q. Will my login details stay the same for every match?
Yes. Your details will remain the same throughout the season and CANNOT be changed, so make sure you keep them safe and private.


Q. Can I share my login details?
No. DO NOT share your login details. Your RCFCTV access is the virtual services element of your Season Ticket and, just like your normal Season Ticket, is NON-TRANSFERABLE. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PASSWORD SAFE AND DO NOT SHARE THESE DETAILS AS IT WILL AFFECT YOUR ABILITY TO VIEW THE MATCHES.


Q. Will there be login details for every individual Season Ticket, even if there are more than one registered to the same address?
Should you have more than one season ticket registered under the same name/address and reference number please contact us on 01349 860860 during office hours where we can assist with this. 


Q. Can I access the Live Broadcast on more than one device at the same time?
No. You CANNOT watch the Live Broadcast on more than one device at any one time. If you sign into an additional device while logged in on another, you will automatically be logged out of the first device. Likewise, if you share your details and someone tries to login at the same time as you, it will end your Live Broadcast.



Q. What devices will this work on?
Desktop computers & laptops: You can watch the Live Broadcast on an up to date desktop or laptop computer (PC or Mac). You must make sure your browser is up to date and has JavaScript enabled too (most browsers update automatically). Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox are recommended although other browsers may work but are unsupported.

Apple iPads and iPhones: You must have iOS 11.3 or higher installed and you must use Safari to watch the Live Broadcast on Apple devices.

Android devices: The live broadcast also works on most modern and up to date Android devices, including tablets, smartphones and Smart TVs.


Q. Can I watch it on a TV Channel?
No.The Live Broadcast will not be available through any Freeview, cable or satellite TV channel in the UK or any other country.


Q. Do I need a SKY subscription to watch the Live Broadcast?
No. The RCFCTV Live Broadcast is not available through SKY. 


Q. Can I screenshare the Live Broadcast to my Smart TV?

Yes, you should be able to screenshare the Live Broadcast to compatible Smart TVs using an app such as Chromecast or Apple Airplay or any basic casting ability within your device.


Q. Which devices are NOT supported?
We do not support gaming consoles, including X-Boxes and PlayStations.


Q. Can I watch the Live Broadcast if my Internet connection is slow?
The quality of the Live Broadcast stream will be dependent on the bandwidth and speed of your internet connection. For the best possible experience, we would recommend using an internet speed of least 5Mbps (please check with your internet provider).

It can help to close other tabs, browsers, and programmes while streaming your content. It may also help to hardwire your Internet connection, instead of using a wireless network connection.


Q. What do I do if I am having problems with my Live Broadcast Stream on a matchday?
A support team will be in place on a match day to help with any enquiries. Details on how to contact the team will be included in future communications.


Q. How can I make sure my device/connection is adequate for streaming?
Some corporate networks, firewalls and ad-blocking software may prevent the Live Broadcast from displaying. Please check with your Network Administrator.

Disable any ad-blocking software and you may need to configure your anti-virus software.

You must be using a browser that has JavaScript enabled (most have this as a default).


Q. Can I use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxies to stream the Live Broadcast?
No. Please ensure that you are not using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxies as this can cause the Live Broadcast stream not to function.


Q. Will this work outside the UK & Ireland?
No. Due to the contractual restrictions placed on the Club by the relevant rights holders, your coverage will be geo-blocked and only accessible work within the UK and Ireland.


Q. If I miss kick-off, can I login at any point after the game has started?
Yes. You can login at any point after the game has started. However, as the game is live, you can only watch from the time you have logged in and will not be able to rewind to the start of the game.


Q. Will I be able to watch a replay of the match after the final whistle?
No. Due to broadcasting restrictions there will be NO replay of the matches after the final whistle.



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