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"Coming to Pittodrie is always a difficult challenge" Steven Ferguson

Following yesterdays match at Pittodrie, we caught up with Co-Manager Steven Ferguson. Talking about the match, the expectations for the season and the clubs injury list ahead of the international break. 


“I thought today we did show improvement in how we attacked the game defensively. I thought we were a lot more organised and made it difficult for Aberdeen. If you take the freekick and the penalty out of it, we managed the game quite well although there are always points you want to improve on. Regardless of anything coming to Pittodrie is always a difficult challenge but we move on to the next one now.”


“If we score our penalty and Ross Stewart's shot goes in instead of coming off the post, we have a very different last 10/15 minutes in the match. We know that we have to be able to take those chances at this level and if we don’t, we will be punished, like today. If we bring it back to 3-2 with 10/15 to go Aberdeen maybe go a bit deeper and open the door for us to go a bit more attacking but that wasn’t the case and we learn from it.”


“I think we have to reign in the expectation a little bit. We are all hungry and determined to be the best we can be, but our aim is still to remain in the division after the final game of the season, I think after our first two results everybody’s expectation went sky high. Right now, we are 8th after 4 games with 4 points on the board- if somebody said to Stuart and I you will be 8th at the end of the season we would bite your hand off. We go away now and prepare over the International break for 3 tough but important games in September against St Mirren, Killie and Motherwell.”


"Hopefully during the International Break we can work on getting a few players back. We are missing some key players at the moment I think everybody can see that. The situation is over the Hearts, Partick and Livingston games we lost key players and we have to make sure we don't rush them back and if we do problems re-occur, so we have to make sure we go through the process of getting them totally fit."

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