Club News

Match Information Ross County v Celtic

For this match the Hamilton Lounge will be closed to the public.


The Staggies Bar will be open from 10.00am serving breakfast rolls and alcohol.


There will be no parking available at the stadium unless prior arranged. For any further information please contact 01349 860 860.


All ticket collections can be made from the ticket portacabin directly across the road from the Main Reception entrance.


We advise all fans that Ross County FC has a Zero Tolerance Policy for Unacceptable Behaviour & Conduct this includes Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol related behaviour. In the interests of safety, we advise supporters to make it to the stadium in good time to ensure easy entry to the ground for the match. Ross County also operates a Zero Tolerance Policy on the use of Pyrotechnics and devices of that nature. 


Ross County also reminds fans that extensive upgrades have been made to our CCTV system which now gives us enhanced video footage of all areas around the ground.