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Staggies toast 90 with Commemorative Top

Ross County are celebrating 90 years since creation this year with the launch of a commemorative new top. Designed in the original colours of the Staggies, and created by club kit provider Macron, the top has been released as a nod to founders of the club by using the original club colours from its early days in 1929.


Following the merger of North Caledonian League teams Dingwall Victoria United and Dingwall Thistle, the newly formed Ross County were successfully granted membership to the Highland Football League in 1929. The Staggies would remain in the Highland League until 1994 when they were then successful in gaining membership to the Scottish Professional Football Leagues. The top, which is now on sale in the club shop, is also a call from the club to fans, to remember the early beginnings of our club and to those who have invested so much in to making Ross County what it has become today.


On the launch of the top, Chairman Roy MacGregor said “Producing a commemorative item like this is more than just an item, it is to remember what has gone before us. We are back in the Premiership now, a far distance from where we were in 1929 and a lot of people have put in relentless amounts of energy and commitment to help the club be what it is today and shape that journey over the decades. Like our fans, I am extremely grateful to everybody who has contributed to that journey and although we are now a team in the Premiership, we are still a local club who are embedded in our community and love to not only look back but, be part of our local heritage.”


The Ross County crest, which depicts a Stags head, was designed from the regimental badge of the Seaforth Highlanders. The Staggies, who have a rich history with football in the Highland’s embark not only on a 90th Birthday anniversary this year but a 25th anniversary since entering the Scottish Professional Leagues in 1994. A series of unique events are currently being planned to celebrate the joint anniversaries in addition to the launch of the commemorative shirt.