Malky Mackay's New Year Message


Firstly, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you a very prosperous 2022.

As I am sure you can imagine, we are frustrated that we didn’t have you with us at Tynecastle and we will see what the future holds but together we have been stronger and that has certainly translated on to the park and into our players. I would like to thank each and every person who has rallied behind our team this year. It would be remiss of me not mention our band of youngsters in the Jailend that have really galvanised and grown in recent weeks. Your support both at home and on the road has been incredible and I’m really delighted to see those numbers increasing. Our players really feed off our fans, so thank you and keep it coming.

Our recent challenge was to get back into the pack in the league by the winter break. That target has now been achieved and as we enter 2022, it is vitally important that we continue to build and grow on the momentum of recent weeks . There is no doubting we will have to add to the squad and its important that we find players who fit into the culture that we now have in our dressing room. Our players can expect a commitment from myself and our staff to help improve them on the pitch, be pushed to achieve their goals and enjoy our journey ahead. In return we expect the highest standards of those that wear the Ross County badge both on and off the pitch. Dedication to being the best they can be , leading by example and carrying themselves in a manner befitting top professionals. If our players put everything into our club then they can be assured of that natural warm Highland welcome from our fans who will take them into their hearts.

Finally, I would like to thank our players and club staff, along with our Chief Executive Steven Ferguson and Chairman Roy MacGregor for their incredible support and dedication to our project. We may not be the biggest team, but we are united in our continued commitment to inspire and pursue excellence at Ross County FC.

This is just the start of our journey together and I believe if we are bold, embrace our challenges and stay strong , we can write the next chapter in our clubs history.

Remember…Ross County is more than just a football club!

I look forward to seeing you all hopefully soon.

In the meantime have a happy and healthy New Year.

Best Wishes


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