Supporters Notice | Pitch Incursions


The club has seen a worrying new trend at recent games when both home & away supporters have been involved in minor pitch incursions.

Clearly such behaviour contravenes the club Code of Conduct and whilst some may take the view that this is harmless exuberance, we do not agree.

We are grateful for the growth in our support and the backing the team has received this season, as always we encourage more people to join our journey here at Ross County.

However, the club takes the safety of supporters, players, stewards and staff very seriously and those who come on to the pitch will now face club bans.

We would also like to remind those who indulge in this type of behaviour that such conduct may be a criminal offence and could lead to court action. When these incursions take place the club also faces sanctions and further actions from the Scottish Football authorities.

We will now be taking a zero-tolerance approach to this issue and supporters who come on to the trackside/pitch will be ejected from the stadium and will be banned from the club.

Pitch incursions, even those of a celebratory nature are a safety issue and are not welcome. Furthermore they are spoiling the matchday enjoyment for the majority.

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